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“I am so pleased with Dr. Magid-Katz. She is communicate me her sigh language and she explained me everything clear before she fixed my teeth ☺”
Martha Vincent

Advanced Dentistry of Westchester is sensitive to the challenges faced in the dental office by the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and we are making every effort to overcome these obstacles. We have finalized our expansion of our office in which we integrated the most sophisticated means of communication including the availability of remote “real-time” communication with a registered ASL interpreter and screens visible to the patient during treatment for text printout of the doctors or hygienists speech when sign communication is not possible.

aimOur Deaf and Hard of Hearing Coordinator is experienced in the use of the TTY, instant messaging, and other electronic forms of communication. We have established an AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) account with the screenname DrMagidOffice for communication during office hours.

When you send us an IM, our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Coordinator can make or check on an appointment, answer questions about your insurance, or anything else we can help you with.

Dr. Sabrina Magid-Katz is in charge of our treatment efforts for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing along with our hygienist Joanne Vergara. Both Dr. Magid-Katz and Joanne have taken courses in ASL and understand the special needs in treating patients with hearing impairment. Our consultation area is equipped with non-verbal graphic explanations of all forms of dentistry so that patients can better understand our treatment recommendations.

We hope our Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients will find a comfortable “dental home” with us and we welcome any suggestions in improving the experience.

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