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When you call or visit the office you will be greeted by Sandy’s smiling face and warm friendly greeting. Ask her any question about dental benefits or treatment options and Sandy probably has the answer or she’ll know how to find it.

Sandy has been in the dental field taking care of our patients for over a decade. She’s the mother of two and has been the lead singer in a number of wedding bands where her husband Tom has been the drummer.


“In a time when professional service is at a premium, I recently had an experience with my Dentist, Dr. Kenneth Magid, that was incredible. While out for dinner with a friend a tooth became loose and started to fall out. My wife and I were due to attend a wedding the next day and I feared that I was going to have to find some kind of glue or paste or something that would get me through the weekend! I called Dr. Magid from the dinner table, in front of my friend, hoping to get the tooth fixed sometime early in the next week. I left a message – it was returned in less than 10 minutes! He listened to my concerns and simply told me to come in to his office at 8:30 AM the next morning (Saturday).

As I got off the phone my amazement was matched by the response of my friend: “I can not believe that you got a response so quickly and that he is opening his office just for you on a Saturday morning…” We all like to think that we provide top quality performance and service, and we all like to believe that the professionals that we use are the best. Well I have worked with Dr. Magid for several years and, in addition to the excellent work he has performed for me, I just had to publicly give credit to for an impressive example of service as well as performance – Thanks Ken!




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