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In this article we will answer:

  • Can dentists administer Botox in Westchester County, NY? 
  • Are dentists allowed to administer BOTOX?
  • What are the uses for Botox in dentistry? 

Why Westchester, NY dentists are now offering Botox

The vast majority of younger people have fewer cavities and therefore, the demand for dental services for these procedures has decreased dramatically. However, patients are more attuned to youthful appearance and beauty than ever before.  The most important part of providing any cosmetic treatment by a dentist is training and education.

As Associate Clinical Professor and Assistant Director of Honors Esthetics at NYU College of Dentistry, a top tier dental school in the world, I know that the typical dental education does not train graduates sufficiently to do cosmetic dentistry.  Extensive training and experience after graduation is necessary to provide cosmetic services that patients deserve.

What is the #1 reason to get Botox from your Westchester, NY dentist?

Dentists have been using Botox for many years.  The initial use of Botox in dentistry was for the treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMD.  In this treatment, the effect of the muscles of mastication and those of the head and neck can be reduced, providing relieve of the patient’s symptoms.

Botox is also used to treat severe bruxing, clenching or grinding of the teeth.  These are many of the same muscles that are involved in cosmetic Botox use.

Dentists that are extensively involved in cosmetic dentistry also understand facial balance and esthetics and can skillfully use Botox to not only eliminate aging lines but also to “sculpt” the face.

However, it goes without saying that you should only get botox or any cosmetic procedure from a dentist if they have received proper training and have the credentials to back it up.

Always ask to see this before getting these procedures from anyone.

Is it safe to get Botox from a dentist?

Yes! It is safe to get Botox from a dentist, but only if they are properly trained and qualified to administer Botox.

I have been trained in the use of Botox through numerous courses as well as teaching the use of Botox and fillers to healthcare providers and have provided the service to my patients for many years.

Dr. Kenneth Magid DDS Administers a Botox Injection


What are the advantages to patients of using Botox and fillers?

The demand for a youthful appearance is a major part of our social media driven society.  When used for cosmetic procedures, Botox can eliminate the lines which develop with aging.

The advantage of a dentist providing this service is their familiarity with the function and balance of these muscles and the convenience and familiarity of the patient with their local Westchester NY dentist trained in the use of Botox.

Why are more cosmetic dentists providing this treatment in recent years? 

The demand for more cosmetic services including Botox or lip fillers continues to rise as more people are concerned with their appearance in digital platforms.

As in other medical professions, dentists are always looking for new services to provide their patients.

Should general dentists be offering Botox, or is this a procedure that should be left to dermatologists?

Dentists that are trained in the use of Botox or fillers are immensely qualified to administer these procedures.  I don’t believe there are other “specialists’ better positioned for these procedures.

In training classes I have conducted in the use of Botox and fillers, we frequently trained nurses and other medical professions that are not more experienced or better suited than dentists are.

What should be considered carefully before using Botox and fillers? 

Proper training by the dentist and patient evaluation is absolutely necessary.  The use of lip fillers is also an area that is part of dental cosmetics.

*This photo originally appeared in AGD Impact “Cosmetic Dentistry Technology vs. Quality” by Erik J. Martin. 


Botox Treatments | Westchester County, NY | Dentist 

Dr. Kenneth Magid is a specialist in BOTOX Cosmetic in Westchester County patients. Call today for a consultation. 

Facial Cosmetics

Who hasn’t wished for their facial wrinkles to just go away? Now there is a solution to that wish. As dentist’s who create beautiful smiles, Drs. Kenneth and Sabrina Magid understand the importance of how your lips frame your teeth and smile.

With esthetic Botox treatments and dermal filler treatments, the Westchester dentists can “relax” your lip to correct a gummy smile, erase lines and wrinkles, eliminate the “sad” look of a down turned mouth and thinning lips. What work of art isn’t enhanced by the perfect frame.

With the wonders of Botox and dermal fillers such as JUVEDERM® and RADIESSE® Drs. Kenneth and Sabrina Magid are able to erase lines and wrinkles from around the mouth, eyes, forehead and cheeks.

You can say goodbye to those pesky crows feet, eleven’s between your eyes, laugh, marionette and vertical lines around your mouth and the stress lines on your forehead. In just one office visit, we can have your face looking rejuvenated and years younger.

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