Gum Sensitivity and How to Treat it



Gum sensitivity is a problem many patients face. There can be a variety of causes for gum sensitivity and treatment options vary just as much.  In this post, we will shed some light on the common gum sensitivity questions and concerns we get here at Advanced Dentistry of Westchester.

What are the typical causes of gum sensitivity?

When people talk about sensitive gums, they are typically talking about the cold or sweet sensitivity their teeth are feeling near the gums. This is often caused by a lack of gum coverage on the tooth called recession.

Recession itself can be caused by multiple factors including inflammation of the gums (gingivitis or periodontitis), forces on the tooth, or hard tooth brushing. Some people do experience temporary sensitivity from teeth whitening as well. Another common cause of sensitivity is clenching or grinding.

However, if the sensitivity persists it is best to have it evaluated by a Westchester County dentist. 

What should I look for in gum sensitivity products? 

Many products, such as Sensodyne, advertise that they will help with sensitivity. Keep in mind, they may take a few uses to build up efficacy.  Potassium Nitrate is the key ingredient to look for. 

Treating Gum Recession 

Procedures done to help gum recession? Can receding gums be treated?

In addition to over the counter sensitivity products and toothpastes, more powerful types of paste may be prescribed by the dentist. Special prescription level fluoride can be applied in the office or at home.  If there is gum loss and tooth structure loss, bonding can be placed over the area to block the “pores” of the tooth from sensitivity. If clenching, grinding, or forces on a particular tooth are the culprits, an appliance or bite adjustment may help.

Periodontal Disease & Gum Disease Treatment in Westchester County, NY 

With these tips in mind, remember it’s always important to check-in with your dentist and alert them if you’re experiencing any gum troubles. We can help direct you to the correct treatment and help you regain a comfortable and beautiful smile.


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