Healthy Halloween Treat Alternatives for Kids

What is the best Halloween candy for your teeth?

Halloween Dental Checklist

Every Halloween, kids take joy in trick-or-treating and revel in the many great treats they collected.

You’re not going to be able to stop them from getting the candy, but when trick-or-treaters come to your door this year, you can provide healthy alternatives that can also be a big hit.

Dr. Kenneth Magid of Advanced Dentistry of Westchester Offers Advice on Healthy Treat Alternatives to Give to Kids on Halloween

Worst Halloween Candy For Your Teeth 

A New York Dentist’s Guide to Halloween Candy 

Joy in Toys. Small toys available in online catalogues are great options and don’t have to break the bank. Kids love playing with toys as much as they love eating candy and they last longer too.

Healthy Snacks Also Taste Good. This year, we are giving out spry mints and gum which help to prevent tooth decay. This treat should not be given out in large quantities and should not be given to very young children. Other healthy alternatives include little packs of carrots and pretzels. Parents will appreciate that you went the extra step to provide a healthy treat.

Choose Candy Wisely. If you have to give out candy, dark chocolate is a much healthier option and is better for your teeth then other candies. Avoid sticky and sour candy, which helps to dissolve teeth. Avoid fruit by the foot, it’s like gluing sugar to your teeth!

Remember, let your kids eat as much candy as you want on Halloween night but the next day make sure it’s out of the house. Stay safe and never eat unwrapped or unsealed candy. Although horseplay is part of Halloween, a little common sense avoids traumatic injury.

Dentist Halloween Candy for Teeth

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