How much do veneers cost in Westchester County?

The Cost of Porcelain Veneers in Westchester County

How much do veneers cost?

The cost of veneers varies widely depending upon the dental practice providing them. This variation does not necessarily reflect the experience or training of the dentist but often the location of the practice. Veneers in Manhattan are significantly more expensive than veneers in the suburbs. Veneers range in price from $1,800 at the low end to $3,500 or more each at the high end. Additional costs may be needed for things like modification of the gums. For a beautiful final smile, not only do the teeth need to be attractive, but the surrounding soft tissue but also be harmonious and provide the correct proportions.

Does insurance cover veneers?

Veneers are generally not covered by insurance as they are cosmetic treatments. In some cases where the teeth have certain failing fillings or decay they may be covered but that is not common.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin “laminates” placed on the facial (front) surfaces of the teeth. In general, they are 0.3-0.5mm thick…the same as a piece of paper. Depending upon the position of the teeth, they may require the underlying teeth to be prepared so as not to become bulky. There are “no prep” veneers advertised and in very specific cases they may be appropriate but for most esthetic treatments some preparation of the teeth is necessary.

Are veneers painful?

Veneers are, or should be, minimally invasive and should not be painful. During any needed preparation of the teeth, local anesthetic is frequently used. This may be true for sensitive teeth at the time of bonding the veneers on but there should be no postoperative discomfort.

What can someone expect when getting veneers?

At our dental office in Westchester County, the steps for doing a smile makeover puts the patient in control of the process and ensures there are no unhappy surprises. We start with a full-face photo of the patient which our lab alters to show what the final smile will look like. The patient looks at this photo and makes any suggestions or changes they would like. The case is then completely done on a model and either a wax-up or digital model of the final treatment is created. The patient then comes in for the treatment phase.

The teeth are prepared for the veneers, any needed soft tissue modification is done, and final impressions or CAD/CAM scans are done. The patient then receives temporary restorations that look just like the proposed final restorations. The patient goes home and spends a day or two living with the temporary restorations. They get to see their friends and family, function with the new look and get used to them. They then come back to the office, any needed changes are made to the temporaries, and a final shade is selected.

Once the patient loves their new look, photos and models are taken to be sent to the ceramist to duplicate in the final veneers. After a laboratory interval of 1-3 weeks, the final veneers are ready. The patient returns to the dental office, the temporaries are removed and the final veneers are tried in but not bonded. The patient again gets to approve the final look, which looks just like the temporary restorations but are now shiny, and have a depth of color and translucency not possible in the temps. Once the patient approves the final result, the veneers are bonded in place. No chance of unpleasant surprises or an unhappy patient in our office. Altogether, the process takes 4-6 weeks.

Healing process?

There is no healing needed with veneers. They are minimally invasive restorations. Even if soft tissue modification is needed, we do it with a laser so there is no healing needed.

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