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SureSmile Clear Aligners

What are the key benefits and features of invisible braces and teeth aligners? 

The key benefits of aligners are that they are invisible and are therefore much more acceptable to older teens and adult patients. The disadvantage is they do not move teeth as quickly and do not have the control of tooth movement that is found with traditional bracket and wire orthodontics. Therefore, case selection is very important when choosing aligner therapy. For most simple or moderate cases, this modality works fine but there are some tooth movements that they cannot accomplish.

I have used both Invisalign and SureSmile and at this time prefer the latter. This switch was initially caused by Align, the parent company of Invisalign, refusing to accept scans from Dentsply Primescan, the leader in scanner brands after they purchased their own scanner brand. I then found that there were fewer mid-course corrections and refinements needed with SureSmile than I had with Invisalign.

My top tips for choosing the right Invisalign alternative:

I strongly recommend patients only use an aligner brand that is offered and supervised by a dentist. Many cases require attachments placed on the teeth or narrowing of the teeth (called IPR) to accomplish the desired result. This can only be done by a dentist.

In addition, although the computer design says that the teeth will move in a predicted manner…they do not. This frequently requires the supervising dentist to adjust intervals of aligner switching, rescanning a case for a mid-course correction, or additional aligners at the end for a refinement. The supervising dentist also monitors the patient’s overall dental health and may need to modify or terminate treatment due to periodontal health or other dental problems.

SureSmile in Westchester County, NY | Advanced Dentistry of Westchester

Want straighter teeth? Consider SureSmile aligner treatment.

SureSmile is an excellent and well-proven technique for orthodontic movement, especially for adult patients unwilling to wear traditional orthodontic appliances. In order to provide Suresmile services, a dentist must be trained and certified by the company that provides the aligners. This training and experience are essential for safe and predictable results. We have been providing aligner therapy to patients for many years. Dr. Magid participated in one of the first training courses for this technique. We have patients undergoing this treatment constantly.

How does SureSmile work?

The process starts with one of our doctors using a CAD/CAM device to scan the teeth. This is a process that takes training and experience and is totally beyond the capability of the patient or untrained personnel, which is the case with direct to consumer treatments. Specific photographs are taken using mirrors designed to permit varying views necessary in establishing a treatment plan. These are not your typical smartphone selfies and are essential in the process.

A current set of x-rays or panoramic x-ray is necessary and included in the submission to avoid trying to move teeth with insufficient bone due to periodontal disease or infection, which could result in the loss of these teeth if orthodontic movement is attempted. These submissions are not available with direct to consumer treatments.

Dr. Magid, Dr. Magid-Katz, or Dr. Wesley then decides what movements of the teeth are necessary and the best methods of accomplishing them. Very often, especially with crowded teeth which are the most common reason for patients wanting orthodontic treatment, these movements include “inter-proximal reduction” or IPR, which requires the dentist to remove minor amounts of tooth structure.

This procedure is safe for the teeth and involves no discomfort, but must be done by a qualified dentist. Without IPR, the only way for direct to consumer aligners to deal with a crowded dentition (which is by far the most common) is to expand the dental arch and tilt the teeth forward, resulting in a more “buck tooth” result.  Many movements of the teeth require the dentist to bond composite “attachments” to the teeth which provide the “handles” for many tooth movements.

Once the case is submitted to SureSmile, a computerized proposal is sent to Advanced Dentistry of Westchester for approval or modification.  Modifications are frequently made to the proposed treatment to provide proper esthetic result and function. Once the aligners are received, we provide them to the patient one to three at a time.

The patient then returns to our office for an evaluation to see if the tooth movement is tracking with the proposal. Since teeth are not computer toys, this can require a mid-course correction or modification with new CAD/CAM scans and photographs.  Even once the treatment is completed, there is a necessity for additional aligners for refinement of the results.  With home brew methods of direct to consumer products, there is no dentist evaluating the course of treatment or the final results and making the necessary modifications.

SureSmile is an excellent option that we frequently combine with restorative cosmetic procedures such as veneers to provide the most beautiful and least invasive results for our patients.

Is SureSmile better than Invisalign?

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